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The power of quiet time and looking within.

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

When was the last time you sat in silence with yourself? No scrolling, no texting, no music. Just you and your thoughts and emotions.

Modern times leave little room for personal time and reflection. It’s easy to get carried away and distracted by technology, our phones, Netflix and socializing. Most of us never stop to sit in silence and turn inward, and ask ourselves how we’re feeling, far less, what it is that we want out of life.

No matter what your personality type, there is value in spending quiet time with yourself on a regular basis. Here, in the silence, we can begin to get to know our thoughts and feelings, and if we listen deeply enough, we can begin to hear the voice of our dreams. It’s in this silence that our desires have a chance to be heard, and the next best step on our path can be revealed to us.

It’s in the silence that we become honest about how we really feel about ourselves, our lives and the way we’re living. Here is where we get to ask ourselves why it is we’re doing what we’re doing – why am I in this job, this relationship, this city?

Sometimes we avoid quiet time with ourselves because as much as we think we want to find the answers we’re looking for, often we’re afraid of knowing what they really are. Why?

Because it might mean having to change something about ourselves, our lives or our habits; it might mean coming face to face with truths you’ve been avoiding for some time, maybe even your whole life.

It takes courage to begin to look within – to be deeply honest with ourselves about how we’ve been living and what we’ve been living for. It takes courage to face the grief that comes with the realization that maybe we haven’t been living in a way that’s aligned with who we really are.

But it is only in facing this grief that we allow ourselves a chance at a meaningful life. We must trust that we can navigate the discomfort; we can reach out for help, seek out others who’ve been on the path before, and learn from their experiences. We must trust that what we want is possible, even if we can’t see the path before us yet.

In silence we can also begin to learn about our strengths and talents, and discover the ways in which we can contribute more powerfully to the world.

Looking within can look like spending quiet time with yourself simply meditating, journaling, or just sitting quietly. Journaling through fear and confusion can help you move through these emotions, and open up space energetically to allow ideas and insights to flow. Meditation makes space in your mind for truths to bubble up to the surface.

Quiet time helps us develop the clarity to lead our lives instead of simply being led by it.

Instead of being pushed by the tides, we now have a chance to steer the ship.

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Written by Alia Rajab

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