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(SOCIETY) Ep 039 - How To Support Your Neighbourhood Businesses during COVID-19 with Neighbourgood

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In this episode, we speak to Emily Yau, founder of the Neighbourgood which is a social good initiative that is lending a hand to small businesses in Toronto.

They first started off helping temporarily closed businesses - restaurants, cafes, bards, shops, services, fitness studios - to bring in cash flow by helping them sell gift cards.

Since launching, they are now expanding their support by assembling a team of creators – photographers, videographers, designers, social media strategists – who want to donate their time and skills to help these small businesses.

They are their neighbourgood (free)lancers.

We speak about: - How did the idea of Neighbourgood come up? - Response from the customers and business side. - lessons learned from running a social good initiative

Here are the links to check out Neighbourgood: Website - https://theneighbourgood.com/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/theneighbourgood/ If you have certain skills within graphic design, social media marketing or photography, feel free to reach out to the Neighbourgood to possibly volunteer your time!

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