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(SOCIETY) Ep 038 - How To Support the Frontlines During COVID-19 with Zoe Share

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In this episode, we speak to Zoe Share who is the Head of Communications at Home Front, a volunteer organization acting as a central hub to help front line healthcare workers get the support they need during COVID-19.

Zoe has also recently published a children's book, ABC Stay Home With Me, which focuses on the ABCs of social distancing while bringing together love, laughter and adventure.

Some of the topics that we cover in the podcast are: 

- the impact that Home Front is creating

- finding a sense of purpose through uncertain times

- the development of ABC Stay Home with Me

- leadership during the pandemic

If you would like to visit Home Front, click on this link: https://thehomefront.ca/

If you would like to check out ABC Stay Home With Me, click here: https://dearkids.squarespace.com/

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