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(SOCIETY) Ep 027 - Nick Gibson On How To Increase Your Impact In The World

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In this special episode, we speak to Nick Gibson  who is a social entrepreneur, speaker, coach/facilitator, and a change agent. From a career in consulting, he transitioned into founding Our Better Selves, a venture focused on unleashing a vibrant, empowered, and thriving community of change agents focused on solving critical problems of human flourishing aligned with their values.

He works directly with change agents (creating an empowering environment to thrive and solve problems), organizations looking to create better workplace culture for change agents, and partners who can serve change agents in various capacities. In this episode, we go in depth on how we can empower change agents to create true impact to further society. We also speak about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and how gratitude and service are the pillars of living a life of bliss.

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