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(SELF) How to Overcome Your Fears

We are all afraid of certain things or situations in our lives. Every single human on this Earth has felt the sensation that we call fear. Before we even tackle it, it is extremely important to realize that it is a natural phenomenon and just your body and mind's reaction to when you are in danger. Let us try and analyze what is on the other side of conquering of our fears. Up to the point where we fear something, we feel paralyzed or are not able to move, but as soon as we do that thing, fear is replaced by bliss. On the other side of fear is victory. For example, growing up, I was really afraid of water slides. When I would wait in line for the ride, I'd be trembling with fear and the closer I would get to the ride, the more my anxiety would increase. However, whenever, I would complete the ride, I would be filled with this exhilarating feeling of accomplishment. I had looked at my fear right in the face and conquered it. One way to condition yourself to constantly get over fears is that you need to put it in your calendar every single day to try something that makes you uncomfortable and pushes you outside your comfort zone. For example, I used to have a lot of social anxiety. Therefore, to combat this, I made it compulsory to meet one new person every single day because with every new person I interacted with, my social anxiety kept reducing. The video talks about how I overcame some of my fears with some personal examples:

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