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(SELF) Ep 089 - Maximizing Brain Performance for a Better Life with Dr. Erik Reis DC, DACNB

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In this episode, we speak to Dr. Erik Reis who is a peak-performance consultant, executive health coach, and national speaker.

He's spent the last decade of his life studying, treating, coaching, and consulting individuals on finding ways to improve their ability to maximize their brains.

From the clinic to the board room, he has leveraged his understanding of neuroscience and behavioral psychology to master the art form of teaching and educating his patients/clients to maximize their brains to improve their business and quality of life.

Some of the topics that we discuss in the podcast are:

- Nature vs Nurture in Brain Development

- How To Increase Productivity by Maximizing your Brain's Potential

- How To Build Long Term Habits 

- How To Reach Flow States

- Computer Brain vs Human Brain

Here are some links to get in touch with Erik:

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/drerikreis/

Website - https://www.shifttogreat.life

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