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(SELF) Ep 085 - How To Start and Scale a Tech Start-Up with Entrepreneur Sam Kamani

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(Apologies for any audio disturbances in the background. We tried our best to clean it up as much as we could) 

In this episode, we speak to Sam Kamani who is an Author, Founder, Podcaster based in New Zealand. 

His first book, "The 30 Day Startup" became an Amazon Bestseller and he has recently published his second book, "Business in the time of Corona". 

Sam also hosts the podcast, "Want Money Got Money" where he interviews founders and investors of tech startups. Since graduating in Computer Science, Sam has worked in three continents and currently runs a software development firm.

Some of the topics we discuss in the podcast are: 

- How to come up with Startup Ideas

- Figuring out your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

- How To Innovate

- Importance of Product Market Fit

- How To Actually Execute on your Idea

Here are some of the links to get in touch with Sam: 

Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/samkamani/

Podcast - https://samkamani.buzzsprout.com/

Website - https://www.samkamani.com/

If you have any questions at all or would like to chat, please shoot us a DM on Insta (@progressholics) or send us an email (info@progressholic.com)

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