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(SELF) Ep 061 - How To Find Your Calling with Podcast Hosts, Deb Sorensen & Carol Campos

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In this episode, we speak to Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen who are the creators of The Divine Breadcrumb, an online community and podcast.

Carol and Deb define a Divine Breadcrumb as a stepping stone, a clue or a sign from the Universe which helps you on the next leg of your journey.

The show focuses on the most pivotal moments in people’s lives, which then cause them to move in an entirely new direction.

Some of the topics we discuss in the podcast are:

- Why they decided to start the Divine Breadcrumb

- How to find your true calling

- Challenging Limiting Beliefs

- Playing the 'What If' Game

- Importance of Energy and Vibration

Here are some of the links to get in touch with Deb and Carol:

Website - https://thedivinebreadcrumb.com/podcast.cfm

Email - debsorensen@thedivinebreadcrumb.com / carolcampos@thedivinebreadcrumb.com

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