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(SELF) Ep 059 - How to Become a Better Leader with Executive Leadership Coach, Ben Dueck

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In this episode, we speak to Ben Dueck who is an Executive Leadership Coach and Facilitator. For over 20 years he has been involved in developing leaders. He has a Masters degree in leadership, is a Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, and recently launched Cantera Leadership to help leaders, teams, and organizations increase their leadership capacity.

Some of the topics that we cover in the podcast are:

- misconceptions about leadership

- link between leadership and influence

- using the Clifton Strengths approach to become a better leader

- what employees are looking for out of leaders

- 3 ways of being a growing leader

Here are some links to get in touch with Ben:

Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-dueck/

Website - https://www.canteraleadership.com/

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