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(SELF) Ep 047 - How To Elevate Your Career During and Post Pandemic with Career Search Zoom In

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In this episode, we speak to Wayne Greenway from the Career Search Zoom-In Initiative. As we know, COVID-19 has had an unprecedented effect on the Canadian economy.

According to Statistics Canada, more than one million Canadians lost their jobs in March; another 800-thousand worked less than half their usual hours.

Unique in Canada, a small team of Independent Career Professionals are volunteering to lead a nationwide initiative to help unemployed Canadians

Each week, participants can join Career Search Zoom In, without charge to get their questions answered about career discernment, job search, resume writing, interview preparation or negotiation.

Career Search Zoom In is every Thursday at 1 pm.

Here is the eventbrite link to sign up for Career Search Zoom In as well as Wayne's Linkedin to reach out to him:



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