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(SELF) Ep 020 - How To Live Your 10 with Cory Chadwick

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In this special podcast episode, our Founder, Devesh Tilokani, interviews Cory Chadwick, founder at The Personal Greatness Project and the Mental Gym. The Personal Greatness Project takes a stand against mediocrity to show you who you are capable of being and help you become the greatest version of you.  He has made it his life mission to help people be able to live their 10s.⁠

We really hope you enjoy this interview and gain immense value from it. ⁠

Website: www.personalgreatnessproject.com⁠

Instagram:  @ThePersonalGreatnessProject⁠

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ThePersonalGreatnessProject/⁠

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