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(SELF) Ep 012 - Interview with James Hackney (Founder of the Millennial Motivation Podcast)

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In this interview, we dive into the life of one of my dear friends, James Hackney. James started the Millennial Motivation Podcast to inspire and motivate Millenials all over the world to take action each day towards their dreams, create success and wealth through the power of their success habits and routines. James has been through some horrific obstacles but has passed through them and used them as learning experiences. Therefore, this interview can bring immense value to anyone trying to get through the hard times in life. 

Here are the links to reach James:

www.launchwithjames.com - 30 minute free coaching call

Insta - millennialmotivationpodcast

Email - millennialmotovationpodcast@hotmail.com

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