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(SELF) Do we really fail or do we just learn?

This is something that I have been contemplating a lot recently. Is something really a failure if there is some sort of learning from it? When I look at my life over the last few years, I can confidently say that any hardships or failures I have faced feel horrible in the short term, but when I look at in hindsight, I definitely feel that I have learnt and grown so much from that experience that I probably wouldn't be where I am currently without these drawbacks. However, it is when we are living through those challenges in the short term that we tend to struggle a lot. In the long term though, with reflection, we can appreciate the lessons we have learnt. Therefore, I definitely think that our hardships in life are probably our greatest learning experiences. For example, about 10 months ago, my father almost passed away from a life threatening heart attack. Although when it happened, it was probably the most toughest experience that my family has had to face. Nonetheless, I definitely believe that the incident made me so much closer to my father and allowed me to share a bond with him that just kept growing. My gratitude for life increased as well because I realized that we genuinely do not know when the plug of life can be snapped away, so you need to live every moment with some sort of accountability for your time. Although in an ideal scenario, life would be on a constant peak, it normally does not tend to move that way. Instead, it is important to ride the roller coaster of life enjoying the ups and downs throughout it all. - Devesh Tilokani, Founder & CEO Share this with someone to pass on the wisdom and help someone else improve in their journey!

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