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(SELF) 4 Ways To Include Personal Development Into Our Hectic Schedules

In today's world, we are all extremely busy in our lives, running behind a million things at once. In this hectic schedule, it can be extremely challenging to take time out to focus on improving yourself. Self development doesn't need to be extremely long. You can take out 20 minutes in a day to either read a book, listen to a podcast or watch a video relating to it. Therefore, we are going to discuss 4 different ways to include self development into our daily lives. The first way is when you are going to or coming back from work. Whether we use public transport or drive a car, instead of listening to music in your commute, you could listen to a podcast or audio book. If you are using public transport, you could read a book instead and still listen to music. This is an extremely effective way as a lot of us tend to spend at least an hour in our morning and evening commutes. Therefore, instead of wasting your time listening to the same music, use it instead to learn something new. The second area of our lives where we can include self development is when we are working out at the gym, instead of listening to music, we can again listen to a podcast or audio book. Therefore, you are working out your body and your mind. A couple of months ago, I finished a whole audio book on audible within 4 gym sessions. If it was not for me listening during the gym, I probably would not have ever gotten to actually physically reading the book. Another way is that in the mornings, for example, I tend to watch something when I am eating my breakfast. Instead of watching Netflix, I decided to switch to watching a video where I would either learn a new skill or improve myself in any aspect possible. This also helped me squeeze in helpful content instead of wasting my time watching a TV Show early in the morning . The last way that I used which really helped me was that whatever you do for your self development, try to get it done in the morning. For example, I started going to the gym in the morning because as the day progressed, I got more and more tired as well as more and more excuses came up. However, early in the morning, your mind and body are fresh to focus and be tested. Therefore, schedule your self development activities early in the morning. These were 4 ways to include self development into our hectic schedules. - Devesh Tilokani, Founder & CEO Share this with someone to pass on the wisdom and help someone else improve in their journey!

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